If purchasing sports equipment is important to you and your customers, look no farther than Perkin Steel, who shares your values.  Our sporting goods equipment is comprised of materials sourced from U.S. suppliers and is proudly manufactured in our UK, plant, creating jobs to support the UK economy.

Perkin Steel has been privately owned since its beginning and is one in a family of companies that manufacture and market products in a diverse range of industries. Since 2010, customers of these companies have benefited from shared expertise and resources as well as onsite ownership by the founders of the original company.

Our experienced sales staff members are not just order takers but problem solvers with the friendly style that comforts the customer.

Perkin Steel manufactures and exports the Soccer balls, Volley balls, Shooting balls, Base ball, Cricket Hard balls, sports wear since 2010 and we are exporting our high quality products to all over the world with much acceptance